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How Can I Tell If There Is Mold In My Air Ducts?

How Can I Tell If There Is Mold In My Air Ducts?

Having mold growing in your air ducts is an annoying matter that causes serious problems that impact your health and the health of your precious family.

There are many types of mold as the black mold. It is a dangerous mold type that grows in air ducts where your home air circulates many times every day. You can find mold on your home walls,furniture, and ceiling, but when molds grow in your air ducts, you have to spot its signs because mostly you cannot notice it.

Here are signs that you will observe in case you have mold in your air ducts. Don’t neglect any sign of them, having mold in your air ducts is a dangerous matter.

Musty Smell

When mold grows in your air ducts,you will smell a musty odor when using your heating or cooling system. You can smell this odor in one place in your home that is in which the mold is growing or if the mold spread, you will smell it in your entire home.

In case you tried to get rid of this smell, but you cannot, it is a sign of having mold in your air duct. You need to get a professional air duct cleaning service to get rid of it.

Unexplained Health Problems

Mold can trigger many health problems that you will get without any explained reason.

When there are molds in your air ducts you or your family members will suffer from an unexplained illness. Molds cause headaches that you will feel inside your home. Besides, if you have any allergy symptom as rashes, watering eyes or runny nose, these are signs of mold in air ducts.

Also, in case you are suffering from irritated eyes, nose or throat when you use your air conditioning, it is a sign. Trouble concentrating, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness are considered signs for mold growing in the air duct as well.

All health problems that happen because of mold, you suffer from them when you are in your home or when you switch on your air conditioning. You also will notice that you feel good when you are outside your home.

Noticeable Mold

When you notice mold around your air duct, it is a sign of having mold in your air duct.

In most cases, you cannot see the mold by the naked eye so,if you observe mold it means you need the help of professional cleaners to clean your air ducts perfectly.


Don’t neglect the warning signs of having mold growing in your air duct. Why do you want to have health problems? Call Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston TX to provide you with the best air duct cleaning service to enjoy the pure air in your home.

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